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Chapel was falling asleep. The afternoon art movie, a drama of circus life, was no help in keeping awake, since he could never concentrate on a program unless he knew the characters. Only by thinking of Ab, the threats he'd made, the blood glowing in his angry face, was he able to keep from nodding off. In the ward the doctors had moved on to Unit 6 and were listening with tolerant smiles to Mrs. Harrison's jokes about her colostomy. The new Ford commercial came on, like an old friend calling Chapel by name.

Tank had been accepted. 's income, was only to be expected. Her first reaction was sodden disappointment. She had wanted to be relieved of the decision and now it was squarely before her again. Then, when she realized she'd been hoping Stuyvesant would refuse him, she felt as sodden guilt. She could hear the phone ringing from the elevator. She knew it 76 / THOMAS M. DISCH would be Loretta Couplard wanting to know why she'd missed their appointment. She used the wrong key for the top lock. " (And, as a kind of appendix to this thought: Have I ever seen a ladybug alive?

With a goal established he had only to whip himself toward it. Stand: he could do that. Walk to the door: and this was possible though he distrusted his arrhythmic legs. Open it: he did. The glare of Emergency edged every common place with a sudden, awful crispness, as though he were seeing it all raw and naked with the skin peeled back to show the veins and muscles. He wanted to return to the darkness and come out through the door again into the average everydayness he remembered. Halfway across the distance to the next door he had to detour about a pair of DOA's, anonymous and neuter beneath their sheets.

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