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By Joelle Rollo-Koster; Thomas M. Izbicki (editors)

ISBN-10: 9004162771

ISBN-13: 9789004162778

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Orsini went to the door’s counter and promised the crowd that before vespers they would have someone they liked. He wrote down the names of Prignano and six other Italian prelates on a piece of paper, handed it to Guillaume de la Voulte, and told him that these individuals were requested at the palace. With the exception of Thomaso degli Ammanati, who was afraid of the mob surrounding the conclave, the other six reached the Vatican without any interference or hassle. They dined with the cardinals, avoiding discussing the election.

100 “Ab eo quesiverant aliqui romani si erat de more hoc quod dicebatur deraubare conclave et domum”; Gayet, Le grand schisme, p. 371. 101 Gayet, Le grand schisme: Pièces justificatives, pp. 92–134. Somebody did not like his somewhat “Urbanist” deposition. In the margins of his second testimony, someone added at times “it is not true” or words to that effect; see especially pp. 114–17. 102 His narrative offers nothing exceptional until we reach the election per se. Using the first person scio, he stated that he knew from good sources—especially from Cardinal Pierre de Vergne, and Guillaume de la Voulte, bishop of Marseille and keeper of the conclave—that on Thursday, the cardinals chose the pope early in the day after disagreeing over several candidates.

Et hoc scio et quia D. de Vernhio tunc cardinalis, cujus ego fueram socius a pueritia, quasi in studio, et cujus etiam in rota fueram socius, et cujus post assumptionem ejus ad cardinalatum fueram auditor, et socius prout etiam eram tunc frater, quia erat lemovicensis natione”; Gayet, Le grand schisme: Pièces justificatives, pp. 92–93. 103 Gayet, Le grand schisme: Pièces justificatives, p. 100. 104 “Verum tamen, romani multi audientes papam esse factum, iverunt ad palatium hora tertiarum, et quia missum fuit pro abbate Cassinense, qui romanus erat, quum pro aliis prelatis missum fuit, et multi crediderunt eum papam, et hac ex causa fuit omnibus bonis que erant in domo sua spoliatus [.

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