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By David E. Lundstrom

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During this own memoir, electric engineer David Lundstrom remembers the heyday of early computing, the increase of keep an eye on facts out of the Univac department of Sperry Rand, such milestone desktops because the Univac and the Naval Tactical facts procedure the exploits of CDC's most sensible dressmaker Seymour Cray, and the sluggish company shift from the interesting and technically attention-grabbing international of computing device layout to inner politics and clumsy forms. - writer.  Read more...

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I found out what was connected to the radar antenna that I had noticed my first day at the plant A prototype device called a video processor analyzed the radar return signal and generated its digital coordinates so that a computer could analyze and track the radar return. A senior engineer named Malcolm Macaulay was working on a large cathode-ray-tube display on which radar "blips" and computergenerated alphanumeric messages could be displayed simultaneously. My years in the Navy staring at radarscopes gave me an instant appreciation of 24 On Technology and Geography its value.

It was possible to manually switch a cathode-ray-tube (CRT) display from "surface" echoes to "air" echoes, but this was seldom done because the identification of each radar blip and the past tracking information were handwritten on the face of the CRT with a grease pencil If the tube was switched from surface to air echoes, all the surface tracking information would have to be erased and new information for air contacts written. A computer-controlled CRT, such as the one I had seen earlier demonstrated by Malcolm Macaulay, used the computer to calculate and display the echo identification and tracking history electronically on the face of the tube.

The Univac I and IL for example, were made to come apart into sections for shipping, but the individual sections were still too large to fit into freight elevators in many existing buildings. Dave Keefer told a story about Progress Is Our Only Product delivering the first Univac to Metropolitan Life in New York City. Sections of the computer were hoisted by crane up the outside of the building, then swung in through an openi ng where the windows had been removed. Not many customers would be willing to put up wit h the expen se and trouble of such an installation.

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