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Now let's look carefully towards the Sun. We can make out a few tiny stars near it. They accompany the Sun, encircling it on all sides. Let's look at them through a telescope. It appears that you can see a "crescent" of each star, like a small Moon because they are not fiery spheres like the stars, but dark, solid stone spheres, illuminated by the Sun. Some are nearer to the Sun than others and our Earth is in their midst. Planets do not emit light. They only "shine" in the bright sunlight. They are like the Moon.

That's why it is always very hot in countries near the Equator. this reason. Inhabitants of these countries do not even know what the cold and snow mean. But there is again a winter and a summer season like ours beyond the Equator, in the lower half of the globe. The interesting thing is that when we have our summer, it's winter in the Southern Hemisphere. And when we have our winter, they have summer. You have probably already guessed why this is so. When the upper half of the Earth is tilted towards the Sun, the lower half is turned away from it, and when the upper half is turned away, the lower half is warmed by the Sun's rays.

Where should they be looked for? On Earth living creatures live on the planet's surface where they feel happy and there's plenty of heat and water.

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