New PDF release: Alpha-, Beta- and Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy

By K. Siegbahn

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Varder, Phil. Mag. 2 9 (1915) 725. Berlin, 1952). CH. I INTERACTION OF ELECTRONS 21 curve depends on the geometry of the measuring apparatus, but the linear part is practically independent of the experimental arrangement. This is due to the fact that for thick foils there is complete diffusion, so that the electrons leave the foil without any preferred direction. The relation between the practical range and the electron Fig. 2 1 . Practical range 8000 gauss - c m ^ 1 9 4 3 o f electrons vs. 0 k e V ; k e V ) .

81 (1951) 489. 13 INTERACTION OF ELECTRONS CH. I this way are given in Table 3. The mean differential energy loss per cm path, calculated for aluminum and lead with the help of these data, is shown in Fig. 13. 5 MeV, and then increases very slowly logarithmically. 3 4 10* 10 Fig. 13. 2 E [keV] ΊΟ^ 10 M e a n energy l o s s in a l u m i n u m and lead this increase is reduced because of the polarizability of the material by which the Coulomb field of the incident electron is reduced. In eq. (3) this effect is presented by 30 out by Fermi, and 31 the term Z / p i o.

9 0 (1953) 1043. 627.

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