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By Adrian Grigoriu

The booklet makes an attempt to respond to many of the so much requested company structure (EA) questions. what's the challenge and why EA is the answer? what's EA and what's an EA framework? that are the prevailing EA frameworks? what's SOA and enterprise structure? what's the BPM, Lean/Six Sigma, ERPs courting to EA?

A confirmed EA Framework, the linked metamodel, a unique unmarried web page time-honored company structure and company reference structure templates for company, humans association, IT purposes and infrastructure layers are then supplied. The framework seems like a content material web page displaying the parts of an EA as placeholders, with out really describing them, yet illustrating how they healthy into the complete. It allows navigation among company and the expertise layers imposing it. Navigation makes attainable know-how alignment to company operation, swap influence research and new company types implementation. The templates let the pro to maneuver directly into personal firm description part instead of waste time at the EA framework determination.

The ebook then indicates the right way to rfile and construct an company structure: structure rules, layout procedure, top practices, supply checklists, EA styles, improvement strategy, tooling and repository, integration to the mundane answer architectures, ordinary use situations, an easy EA improvement instance, tips on how to degree the EA adulthood and price brought, what are the common EA triggers and roadblocks and the way to construct an EA perform, its governance, association, investment and site.
A procedure specification and company roadmapping strategy is illustrated so one can determine the long run states and the objective structure of the Enterprise.
The firm Architect activity description, choice standards, management talents, politics of the task, cultural blocks and the way to successfully promote EA are then discussed.

In essence, the booklet describes all elements of why and the way to construct an firm structure with emphasis at the undeniable fact that EA is greater than IT: EA is ready documenting and aligning the firm enterprise procedures, association and know-how to carry the strategic reason.

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An Enterprise Architecture Development Framework by Adrian Grigoriu PDF

The booklet makes an attempt to reply to a number of the so much requested firm structure (EA) questions. what's the challenge and why EA is the answer? what's EA and what's an EA framework? that are the prevailing EA frameworks? what's SOA and enterprise structure? what's the BPM, Lean/Six Sigma, ERPs courting to EA?

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EA Frameworks and Classification EA frameworks overview Zachman's EAP, Spewak's FEA Reference Model DODAF TOGAF Other: NGOSS/eTOM, PERA, E2AF, BPTrends EA Pyramid… An EA frameworks classification Review checklist 9. NET, Portal) Virtualise technology Use technology Appliances Converge data, voice and video networks Deploy Web interactive access for stakeholders Reuse, Buy or Build Review checklist 10. Enterprise Reference Maps and Organization design Organization design Business and Operating Model, Value Chain Business Models Operating Models Value Chains The Enterprise GODS map The IT EA Template The Business (Functions) Reference Map The GODS single page generic Business Architecture The Business Flows Reference Map The Enterprise Group Line of Businesses Terminology of Business Architecture The Applications Reference Map The Information Reference Map The Infrastructure Reference Map Mapping Reference models to Organization Review checklist 11.

17. What are the Government drivers? Chapter 4 4. Enterprise Architecture, The Solution Enterprises have organically grown into systems, sometimes reminding us of jigsaw puzzles, the result of years of patching and point solutions. Sometimes one feels the desire to scrap everything and start from scratch. But then again, the situation repeats itself. But how can you control your Enterprise without a plan? How can the Enterprise operate in a reliable, predictable, and planned manner? How can you prepare it to change quickly enough to respond to risks, threats and opportunities?

Built to last: strategically planned according to business and technology trends and vision E. Documented: a blueprint to document the current and target architecture to enhance comprehension and management of its performance. To repair a car, the mechanic has to know its blueprint and, based on it, its operation. To design a car or improve it the firm needs to understand where technologies and markets go. The mechanic has to become a planner, a marketing man, a business man. Same with the Enterprise Architect.

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