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1, 241 (1966). 9. O'M. A. Devanathan, and K. Muller, Proc. R. , 55, A274 (1963). 10. R. Parsons, J. Electrochem. , 127, 176C (1980). 11. B. Mark, Analyst 115, 667 (1990). 12. M. Bond, I. Heritage, and M. Briggs, Langmuir, 1, 110 (1985). Questions 1. Show or draw the concentration pro®le/gradient near the electrode surface during a linear scan voltammetric experiment in stirred a solution. ) Show also the resulting voltammogram, along with points for each concentration gradient (in a manner analogous to Figure 1-4).

Many textbooks and reference works dealing with various aspects of electroanalytical chemistry have been published in recent decades. J. Albery, Electrode Kinetics, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1975. J. Bard and L. Faulkner, Electrochemical Methods, Wiley, New York, 1980. M. Bockris and A. Reddy, Modern Electrochemistry, Vol. 1,2, Plenum Press, New York, 1970. M. Bond, Modern Polarographic Methods in Analytical Chemistry, Dekker, New York, 1980. 26 FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS C. M. Oliveira Brett, Electrochemistry: Principles, Methods and Applications, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1993.

Powerful cyclic voltammetric computational simulators, exploring the behavior of virtually any user-speci®c mechanism, have 36 STUDY OF ELECTRODE REACTIONS TABLE 2-1 Electrochemical Mechanisms Involving Coupled Chemical Reactions 1. Reversible electron transfer, no chemical complications: O ‡ neÀ „ R 2. Reversible electron transfer followed by a reversible chemical reaction, Er Cr mechanism: O ‡ neÀ „ R kt R 23 Z kÀ1 3. Reversible electron transfer followed by an irreversible chemical reaction, Er Ci mechanism: O ‡ neÀ „ R k R 23 Z 4.

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