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As one aspect of politics that especially repelled Orwell - he was horrified that lies would pass into history - this was one of the motivating forces behind the writing of Animal Farm. In this chapter he presents this process and the way people can be hoodwinked and their way of seeing things determined. Truth is ceasing to exist on Animal Farm and the animals no longer believe the evidence of their own senses. Chapter 7 Summary It is a bitter winter and the animals' life is hard. They are often cold and hungry and have been depressed by the ruin of the windmill; they are not so hopeful as before but must succeed because the rest of the countryside is watching, ready to rejoice if they fail.

He is praised for everything that goes well and has a hymn composed to him which is written up on the wall of the bam at the opposite end to the Commandments. He also has a young pig to taste his food in case it is poisoned. He begins complicated dealings with Pilkington and Frederick over the timber which they both wish to buy. Rumours of 42 an attack by Frederick are heard and about the cruely he imposes on his own animals and feeling against him runs high. The windmill is eventually finished and is to be called Napoleon Mill.

The bitter difference of opinion and the slogans: 'Vote for Snowball and the three-day week' and 'Vote for Napoleon and the full manger' refer to one of Stalin's and Trotsky's most important differences Trotsky wanting to give manufacturing priority over agriculture and Stalin wanting to collectivise the farms , The other important difference is over defence, or maintaining socialism. Trotsky supported world revolution or international socialism while Stalin supported socialism in one country and the building up of Russia into a great power.

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