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This paintings offers a simplified method of asymptotic suggestions for fixing difficulties of arithmetic, physics and engineering. It additionally discusses the interaction among the underlying theories of asymptotic research and generalized services.

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Xo Figure 1 From a mathematical point of view the space of test functions <1> is chosen as a topological vector space. The distributions or generalized functions corresponding to <1> are the elements of the dual space <1>', that is, the continuous linear functionals defined on <1>. The selection of the appropriate space depends on the problem under consideration, but we can remark that the smaller <1> and the stronger its topology, the larger <1>' will be. We finish this section by commenting on the notation used for tensors.

Notice that in this case k= 00. The functions of the previous examples are difficult to handle because they become very large near x = Xo. However, if f(x) has an algebraic singularity, in the sense that f(x) I x - Xo 1m is integrable near x = Xo for Introduction to the Theory of Distributions 55 some m, then 1(x) can be regularized. One such regularization is given. 2) where B is a ball with center at Xo, small enough to be contained in U. Naturally this regularization depends on B : F = FB. Next we shall discuss several methods for the regularization of nonlocally integrable functions.

3 Algebraic and Analytic Operations We shall now discuss the basic algebraic and analytic operations that can be applied to the distributions. The basic idea behind the definitions of the operations is to use duality, which means that the operations in V' (U) are the adjoints of the corresponding operations in V(U). Let us start with the linear changes of variables. Let A be a non-singular n x n matrix. (Ax) if ! E V'(JRn). In order to do so we first suppose that! is a regular distribution. (u) ¢(A-1u)du 1 1 ¢(A- x) > .

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