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ISBN-13: 9781484213483

Learn how preprocessors could make CSS scalable and straightforward to take care of. you will see how one can write code in a really fresh and scalable demeanour and use CSS preprocessor beneficial properties resembling variables and looping, that are lacking in CSS natively. studying Beginning CSS Preprocessors will make your existence a lot easier by way of displaying you the way to create reusable chunks of code. as well as coding improvements, you’ll additionally learn how to automate approaches comparable to producing picture sprites and minifying code.

Beginning CSS Preprocessors is your advisor for buying begun with CSS preprocessors. This booklet indicates you the way to take advantage of CSS on your day by day paintings and therefore be shrewdpermanent and effective at writing CSS.

  • What are preprocessors
  • What are the identified preprocessor frameworks
  • What are the gains of Sass (Syntactically remarkable Stylesheets)
  • What is Compass (COMPrehensive ASSembler)
  • What is much less (Leaner SS)

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For example, consider the properties like fontfamily, font-size, and font-weight. These all come under the font namespace. In Sass, you can nest properties that come under the same namespace, as shown in Listing 2-32. Listing 2-32. content{ font: { family: 'Tahoma'; size: 13px; weight: bold; } } 27 Chapter 2 ■ Introduction to Sass This code is compiled as shown in Listing 2-33. Listing 2-33. content{ font-family: 'Tahoma'; font-size: 13px; font-weight: bold; } Interpolation If you want to build your selectors or properties dynamically, interpolation is the thing you need.

The most important difference between these two is that classes are meant to be used in your HTML, whereas mixins are used to create reusable chunks to use within stylesheets. Hence, the classes should have a meaningful name that properly identifies the element. Mixins names should be related to the functionality they provide. Mixins with CSS Selectors Mixins can contain CSS selectors in addition to properties. This is demonstrated in Listing 3-35. Listing 3-35. notfication{ border-radius:35%; @include importantInfo; } This example creates a mixin named importantInfo, which contains its own style rule plus the CSS selector li with its own rule.

SpecialNote { border-color: #000; border-width: 2px; border-style: dashed; } Mixins can also assume default values for their arguments. Thus, when you don’t pass any value to the mixin, it will assume the default values. This can be demonstrated by modifying the code in Listing 3-39. Listing 3-39. specialNote{ @include fancyBorder; } Mixins also allow you to pass keyword arguments. This makes mixins even more flexible by allowing arguments to be passed in any order. This is shown in Listing 3-40.

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