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By John Hick (auth.)

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This brief ebook is a full of life discussion among a non secular believer and a skeptic. It covers the entire major matters together with assorted principles of God, the nice and undesirable in faith, non secular event and neuroscience, discomfort and ache, demise and lifestyles after dying, and contains fascinating autobiographical revelations.

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JOHN: DAVID: So you think that the capital G Gods ofjudaism, Christianity and Islam, and any other ones, are really finite angelic beings? It's more complex than that. On the one hand, I believe that when in prayer, or indeed in any other context, someone is conscious of being in an I-Thou relationship with what they take to be God - with all the traditional omni-attributes - they may well really be in relationship with someone, but that someone is a deva - to use the eastern term in order to shed the image of angels in white robes and wings.

DAVID: Yes indeed. And my question is going to be whether the other more impressive cases are equally delusions. But at the moment I want to know what for you is the status of the God of monotheism. Is he or she one of the devas pretending to be infinite and ultimate? JOHN: No. To start with, we can't speak of the God of monotheism because the deity worshipped within JOHN: 28 Between Faith and Doubt Judaism, Christianity and Islam is in each case describably different. The God of the Hebrew scriptures let's use the name Adonai, 'my Lord', used in Jewish worship - exists in an indissoluble covenant relationship with the Jewish people.

DAVID: Well, I'm not going to say that all this is impossible. Though whether there is any such a thing as mind-to-mind causation - extra-sensory perception or telepathy - seems to me extremely doubtful. However, returning to your own religion, I can see that it is turning out to be fairly complex and a long way removed from what people get in the churches. JOHN: Yes, it is. DAVID: Particularly when you don't believe that there is a God. JOHN: Actually, in a sense I do. Or rather, I think there are probably many gods with a small g.

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