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By Ray Nicholus

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ISBN-13: 9781484222348

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Beyond jQuery supplies the arrogance to desert your jQuery crutches and stroll freely with the ability of the "web API" and JavaScript! find out about crucial options surrounding net improvement because the mystic powers of jQuery are defined, permitting you to forgo this possible integral library on your software program projects. Beyond jQuery doesn't simply throw code at you - every thing is defined intimately from the point of view of a jQuery developer.

jQuery is frequently injected into internet purposes and libraries with none actual notion, possible out of behavior or worry. Many internet builders do not appear to understand precisely after they need to exploit jQuery, and once they don't - it has develop into a typical step for plenty of whilst developing a brand new library or net program. yet depending exclusively on jQuery as your window to the net leaves huge gaps on your wisdom. This in flip leads to frustration while the abstraction that jQuery presents "leaks" and exposes you to the local elements of the browser. 

This book aims to teach you and assist you clear up universal difficulties without depending on jQuery. it is going to offer you extra self belief to include the facility of the net API and standardized JavaScript. alongside the best way, you will discover why it's so very important to realize a fantastic realizing of the underpinnings of the net. This ebook contains chapters on DOM manipulation, info garage and retrieval, styling and CSS, AJAX requests, occasions, asynchronous operations, and masses extra. leading edge net and JavaScript standards, akin to the Fetch API, delivers, WeakMap, and Async services, also are discussed. 

Check out the great net software at which used to be constructed for "Beyond jQuery" readers that covers a number of the options mentioned during this book.

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Take the find() method, available in JavaScript Arrays, which is part of the ECMAScript 2015 specification. find returns an entry in an array that satisfies a provided condition. While this sounds fairly useful, browser support is missing in all versions of Internet Explorer. But we can make use of this method in all browsers by writing our own shim, as shown in Listing 2-2. Listing 2-2. find, the preceding code will register an implementation. find just as it is presented in the ECMAScript 2015 specification6 in any browser, even Internet Explorer 6!

You can easily replicate any of the missing native methods with a few lines of code. In fact, I’ll provide some simple and intuitive solutions to help you fill in important gaps in ancient browsers. Although jQuery does admittedly save you some keystrokes, you will sacrifice performance. That type of higher-level abstraction is understandably slower than relying directly on native APIs. So what if you want the convenience of jQuery without the sheer size of the dependency and the potential for hidden performance issues?

Listing 2-3. name === 'foobar'; }); } The Final Word jQuery isn’t part of the future of web development, but neither is any of the other large and currently popular libraries or JavaScript frameworks. Libraries come and go; the browser’s API and JavaScript will outlive them all. The future of the web, and of your career as a web developer, is codified in the web and ECMAScript specifications. These specifications are rapidly evolving—they are quickly catching up to the libraries. Native solutions to common problems usually result in improved performance and increased convenience.

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