Jennie Hall's Buried Cities, Volume 1 - Pompeii PDF

By Jennie Hall

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It stood on a marble pillar in the atrium of the house. ZAVWSA00\Desktop\Guitar\21-02-08\26-0... ZAVWSA00\Desktop\Guitar\21-02-08\26-0... Page 62 of 78 2008/03/17 BURIED CITIES, Part 1, Pompeii Page 63 of 78 BRONZE CANDLEHOLDER. It is the figure of the Roman God Silenus. He was the son of Pan, and the oldest of the satyrs, who were supposed to be half goat. Can you find the goat's horns among his curls? He was a rollicking old satyr, very fond of wine, always getting into mischief. The grape design at the base of the little statue, and the snake supporting the candleholder, both are symbols of the sileni.

There are wall paintings in the shadows at the back. The little boys holding the ducks must look very much like Caius when he was a little boy. When he went to the farm in the hills for a hot summer, he had ducks to play with; here are statues to remind him, in the winter time, of what fun that was. A garden like this, not generally so large, was laid out inside every important house in Pompeii. The family rooms surrounded it. These rooms received most of their light and air from this garden. Caius was lying on a couch in a garden like this, when the shower of pebbles suddenly began.

Page 33 of 78 2008/03/17 BURIED CITIES, Part 1, Pompeii Page 34 of 78 POMPEII FROM AN AIRPLANE. The roofs are all gone and all the partitions inside the houses show. That is why it all looks so crowded and confused. But if you study it carefully you can see some interesting things. The big open space is the forum. It is about five hundred feet long, running northeast and southwest. South of it is the temple of Apollo. North of it, where you see the bases of columns in a circle, was the market. Next to the market is the place where the gods of the city were worshipped.

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