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What does it suggest to talk of a "canon" of scripture? How, whilst, and the place, did the canon of the Hebrew Bible come into life? Why does it have 3 divisions? What canon used to be in use one of the Jews of the Hellenistic diaspora? At Qumran? In Roman Palestine? one of the rabbis? What Bible did Jesus and his disciples comprehend and use? How was once the recent testomony canon shaped and closed? What position used to be performed by way of Marcion? by means of gnostics? by means of the church fathers? What did the early church make of the apocrypha and pseudepigrapha? by way of what standards have questions of canonicity been made up our minds? Are those earlier judgements nonetheless significant religion groups this day? Are they open to revision?

These and different debated questions are addressed via a world roster of exceptional specialists on early Judaism and early Christianity, writing from assorted affiliations and views, who current the background of dialogue and supply their very own exams of the present status.

William Adler, Peter Balla, John Barton, Joseph Blenkinsopp, François Bovon, Kent D. Clarke, Philip R. Davies, James D. G. Dunn, Eldon Jay Epp, Craig A. Evans, William R. Farmer, Everett Ferguson, Robert W. Funk, Harry Y. Gamble, Geoffrey M. Hahneman, Daniel J. Harrington, Everett R. Kalin, Robert A. Kraft, Jack P. Lewis, Jack N. Lightstone, Steve Mason, Lee M. McDonald, Pheme Perkins, James A. Sanders, Daryl D. Schmidt, Albert C. Sundberg Jr., Emanuel Tov, Julio Trebolle-Barrera, Eugene Ulrich, James C. VanderKam, Robert W. Wall.

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J. A. ; Philadelphia: Westminster, 1961, 1967), 2:66,348. Gerhard von Rad, speaking almost at the end of his second volume of Old Testament Theology (trans. D. M. G. ; New York: Harper & Row, 1962, 1965) about the written publication of Deuteronomy at the time of Josiah, does have the single sentence: "Thus the process of forming a canon began" (2:395). to the biblical canon but to a tradition used by Ezekiel that ends with the conquest, though it "was apparently not that of any of the source documents which form our Hexateuch" (2:227-28).

A. Guidance from Dictionaries It will be helpful to begin with the more general definitions of the word in broader areas. In general English usage, the relevant meanings of the word are rather close to the two used in theological discussion and in fact are probably derived from the theological uses: (1) a law, principle, body of law, or set of standards, enacted or endorsed by a competent 12 See The Access Bible (ed. Gail R. O'Day and David Peterson; New York: Oxford University Press, 1999), Old Testament, p.

Scribes (this is the most convenient term to use for the literate class) learned and practiced writing in the service of the state, at least in the societies of the ancient Near East. In Greece, and in the Hellenized world, this ceased to be the case as literacy spread further. 5 But in the beginning, literacy is a function of the state and represents an important instrument of its control. In its service, scribes perform the tasks of writing letters to and from king and palace: drafting military reports such as the letters from Lachish, and conducting diplomatic correspondence between states and among themselves, as at Arad.

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