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During this time I went to Germany, having spoken of Subud to friends in Stuttgart, Munich and Nuremberg, and returned with a letter of invitation signed by Frau Ruth Gruson, Count Manfred Keyserling and Baron Christopher von Tucher. On 16th December, Pak Subuh went to Munich where he remained for seven weeks, apart from a short visit to Zurich, St. Gallen and Berne in Switzerland. During this time the German press published sensational but not unfriendly stories of Subud. htm 52 of 145 file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Floop/My%20Documents/...

Wherever I have found someone from whom I could learn, I have stayed with him as long as was necessary—then I resumed my wanderings. This continued for forty years and then I found that I would not receive the teaching I needed from anyone except God. For the last ten years I have lived where I happened to be, when I was no longer wanted I went away. Now I am in this place and I would like to stay to the end of my life—but if it is not the Will of God I shall move again. htm 35 of 145 file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Floop/My%20Documents/...

The Japanese occupation once again retarded the extension of the movement and it was not until after the war that it moved to Jogjakarta, the capital of one of the ancient kingdoms of Java. An incident of the Japanese occupation illustrates both Pak Subuh's submission and the difference between his role and that of a teacher. At one time, it appeared that no one's life was safe in Java, and Pak Subuh thought that it might perhaps be his duty to write down all that had been revealed to him concerning human and cosmic mysteries, lest it all be lost if he should prematurely leave the earthly scene.

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