John Alderman's Core Memory: A Visual Survey of Vintage Computers PDF

By John Alderman

ISBN-10: 0811854426

ISBN-13: 9780811854429

An extraordinary mix of machine historical past and amazing pictures, Core Memory finds smooth technology's evolution throughout the world's most famous desktop assortment, the pc historical past Museum within the Silicon Valley. shiny images catch those traditionally vital machines together with the Eniac, Crays 1 three, Apple I and II whereas authoritative textual content profiles every one, telling the tales in their recommendations and peculiarities. Thirty-five machines are profiled in over a hundred notable colour images, making Core Memory a stunning addition to the library of images creditors and the last word geek-chic present.

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NAMEILLIAC IV YEAR CREATED1975 CREATORUNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AND BURROUGHS CORPORATION PRICE$31 MILLION MEMORY16MW Nearly ten years in development, this Burroughs supercomputer was a test bed created as its developers attempted to craft a speedier way to handle computing tasks known as single instruction, multiple data (SIMD). Funded by DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, this costly system never quite lived up to its promise or expense, but it inspired researchers of parallel processing (and attracted the attention of antiestablishment student protesters).

It had the familiar, prosaic form of an elongated beige typewriter, though additions like the television monitor and the cassette player used to store programs made it look a little like a college-dorm entertainment center. If its appearance was familiar, the Apple II was also attractive to consumers in a way that previous computers just weren’t—even if their manufacturers tried. It shipped with highresolution color graphics and sound, and it had a rainbow-colored apple logo that seemed both fresh and optimistic.

After a successful couple of years, the Osborne 1 was eclipsed by competitors. The company was also hobbled by the early announcement of the Osborne II, while thousands of the original were still unsold. By 1983 the company was bankrupt. NAMECOMMODORE 64 YEAR CREATED1982 CREATORCOMMODORE COST$599 MEMORY64K RAM PROCESSORMOS TECHNOLOGY 6510 One of the hallmarks of a great computer is its ability to launch subcultures. By that measure (among others), the Commodore 64 is in league with the greats. Of course, since somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty million units were sold in the 64’s very long life span (1982 to 1993), it should come as no surprise that so many users would have a soft spot for their old computer.

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