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The current monograph in addition to the following one (Dorman, M2005) is as a result greater than 50 years operating in cosmic ray (CR) study. After commencement in December 1950 Moscow Lomonosov nation college (Nuclear and uncomplicated Particle Physics department, the workforce of Theoretical Physics), my manager Professor D. I. Blokhintsev deliberate for me, as a winner of a pink degree, to proceed my schooling as an aspirant (a graduate scholar) to arrange for Ph. D. in his very mystery item within the framework of what used to be in these time known as the Atomic challenge. To my remorse the KGB withheld permission, and that i, including different Jewish scholars who had graduated Nuclear Divisions of Moscow and Leningrad Universities and Institutes, have been confronted with a true prospect of being with none paintings. It used to be our luck that at the moment there has been being introduced into being the hot Cosmic Ray venture (what at the moment used to be additionally very mystery, yet no longer as mystery because the Atomic Problem), and after your time we have been directed to paintings in this venture. It was once equipped and headed via Prof. S. N. Vernov (President of All-Union part of Cosmic Rays) and Prof. N. V. Pushkov (Director of IZMIRAN); Prof. E. L. Feinberg headed the theoretical a part of the Project.

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One of the important applications of this research is the Monitoring of Space Weather by CR and Forecasting of Space Dangerous Phenomena as Great Radiation and Magnetic Storms. This subject was reflected in monographs Dorman (M1957, M1963a,b, M1974, M1975a,b), Parker (M1963), Kuzmin (M1964, M1968), Krymsky (Ml969), Dorman et al. (MI97l), Alania and Dorman (M198l), Alania et al. (M1987), and will be a matter of our second book (Dorman, M2005). 3. The third aspect: CR of solar, planetary, and interplanetary origin The main subjects of this aspect are: particle acceleration in processes connected with solar flares (solar charged CR particles with energy up to 15-20 GeV, and secondary neutrons generated in solar atmosphere with energy up to few GeV), in rotating magneto spheres of planets (magnetospheric energetic particles with energy up to about 30 keV in the Earth's magnetosphere, and up to about 10 MeV in the magneto spheres of Jupiter and Saturn), in interplanetary space connected with interstellar ions acceleration by terminal shock wave (anomaly CR with an energy up to about 50 MeV/nucleon), and with ions acceleration by interplanetary shock waves (with an energy up to about 10 MeV); propagation of these particles and their nonlinear effects.

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This result showed that the neutron component is much more sensitive to small energies of primary CR than the hard component. However, this detector has a big deficiency: it is very Chapter 1. Cosmic Rays as Object of Research 13 sensItIve to the changes in the surrounding matter, where a sufficient number of secondary small energy neutrons also are generated by CR neutrons. This deficiency made it impossible to use Adams's (1950) detector for registration of the usual time variations with much smaller amplitudes.

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