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Let M be a tender manifold and G a Lie workforce. during this booklet we will learn infinite-dimensional Lie algebras linked either to the gang Map(M, G) of soft mappings from M to G and to the gang of dif­ feomorphisms of M. within the former case the Lie algebra of the crowd is the algebra Mg of tender mappings from M to the Lie algebra gof G. within the latter case the Lie algebra is the algebra Vect M of delicate vector fields on M. although, it seems that during many purposes to box conception and statistical physics one needs to take care of convinced extensions of the above pointed out Lie algebras. within the easiest case M is the unit circle SI, G is a straightforward finite­ dimensional Lie workforce and the important extension of Map( SI, g) is an affine Kac-Moody algebra. the top weight concept of finite­ dimensional Lie algebras should be prolonged to the case of an affine Lie algebra. the real aspect is that Map(Sl, g) should be cut up to confident and destructive Fourier modes and the finite-dimensional piece g corre­ sponding to the 0 mode.

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Let w be a differential form of degree m on N. We deflne the pull-back tj>*w as the m form on M such that t» for Vl"",V m E TpM. If (Xl""'X n ) are local coordinates at p E M, (Yl, ... , Yk) local coordinates at tj>(p) and the mapping tj> in terms of coordinates is written as Yi = Yi( x) then the pull-back of a form f(y)dYi , 1\ ... • 1\ d xi", . -,:}-ux'J", The pull-back operation is contravariant, that means (tj> 0 'ljJ)* = 'ljJ* 0 tj>*. 7. (1) The pull-back operator tj>* commutes with the exterior derivative d.

The tangent space of M at a point p E M consists of equivalence classes of smooth curves through p. By a smooth curve through p we mean a smooth map h from an open interval of R (containing 0) such that h(O) = p. Two curves hand kare equivalent if the derivative of cp 0 h at t = 0 is equal to the derivative of cp 0 k at that point; cp is any local coordinate defined in a neighborhood of p. t=o in Rn, we can use the linear structure of Rn to define addition andmultiplication by scalars of the tangent vectors.

Assuming c(J-L) i= 0 choose a weight v E {w(J-L + p) - p I W E W} such that htA - v is minimal. Then v + p E A+ and Iv + piz = IA + p12. 7 we conclude that v = A and therefore w(J-L + p) = A + p. Thus cI-' = f(W- 1) = f(W). Since (A+p, a) > 0 for all a E D. 8 that w(A+p) = A+P only if W = 1. Clearly c( A) = 1 and therefore we have L e(p)RchL).. = f(w)e(w(A + p», wEW which gives the asserted formula for ch L)... If A = 0 then L).. is the trivial one-dimensional representation and so ch L o = e(O) = 1.

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