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By Ashok K. Banker [Banker, Ashok K.]

Book of Krishna Coriolis Series.

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For as long as this tale is told, and retold, it lives on. I have devoted years to the telling, to the crafting of words, sentences, paragraphs, pages, chapters, kaands and volumes. I shall devote more years to come, decades even. Yet all my effort is not mine alone. It is the fruition of a billion Indians, and the billions who have lived before us. For each person who has known this tale and kept it alive in his heart has been a teller, a reteller, a poet, and an author. I am merely the newest name in a long, endless line of names that has had the honour and distinction of being associated with this great story.

After hearing one particularly horrendous account of his own ascension to the throne, he had gone about the palace complex rooting out every last munshi – as the scribe sub-varna were called – and had killed them all. Eaten them alive, in fact. It seemed a fitting way to kill a poet. After all, what else was a poet but a person who ate lives and spat out his own version of them for public consumption? So Kamsa had eaten every last court scribe alive. Since then, itihasa had gone unrecorded in Mathura, which was why he could do what he was about to do now without concerning himself with how it might appear to watching eyes.

No decay had occurred as yet, nor were any maggots or putrefying flesh visible. The women examined the body curiously and all agreed that apart from the body being cut into two halves, its skin and flesh resembled that of a living man. ’ one woman said, then stopped. ’ asked the one beside her. ’ sang out another, drawing a burst of laughter. It was good to have something to laugh about after the miseries of the past months. Out of sheer curiosity, three or four of the women actually picked up the two halves of the severed corpse and placed them together.

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Dance of Govinda by Ashok K. Banker [Banker, Ashok K.]

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