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By Christoph Meinel

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ISBN-13: 9783642543302

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The authors provide a close precis in regards to the basics and the historic history of electronic verbal exchange. This comprises an summary of the encoding ideas and algorithms of textual info, audio details, in addition to photos, images, and video within the net. in addition the basics of machine networking, electronic safeguard and cryptography are lined. therefore, the publication presents a well-founded entry to conversation expertise of laptop networks, the web and the WWW. various photos and pictures, a subject-index and an in depth record of historic personalities together with a thesaurus for every bankruptcy bring up the sensible good thing about this e-book that's like minded in addition to for undergraduate scholars as for operating practitioners.

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Pope Gregory II (669–731), who settled the dispute about veneration of sacred images in the Catholic church on the basis of the quote from the Bible Thou ” shalt not make unto thee any graven image“ forbade Eastern Roman Emperor Leo III (685–741) in the year 726 any type of image-worship in his empire. He invented the ingenious compromise formulation: The pictures are for the ” laity what the written word is for the literate“. In contrast, the book would incite the masses to turn away from their most important virtues and possibly to interpret the Bible freely or to even develop more unhealthy curiosity.

While the icon could generally be read by everyone, the written character was separate from the collective memory and could only be understood by those who had mastered the art of reading and writing. The birthplace of the culture of writing is considered to be the ancient Near East in Mesopotamia, the land between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. While recent discoveries indicate the existence of even older testimonies of writing, such as from the ancient European Danube culture in the 6th millennium BC, the invention of the cuneiform in Mesopotamia around 3500 BC is considered the most important breakthrough in the development of writing.

In contrast to an “archive,“whose main focus is the documentation of writings of a political and economic nature, the task of libraries today can be divided into three areas: acquiring books and written documents, archiving and cataloging book collections (whose verification proceeds via a bibliography) as well as facilitating accessibility to the book collection for the purpose of education and information dissemination. In Egypt, Pharaoh Ramses II (approx. 1290 – 1224 BC) had one of the first libraries set up as part of his tomb in around 1250 BC.

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