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Probably insulation, which suggests that dinosaurs are warm-blooded like today’s birds. The debate continues… 48 Ceratosaurus The Jurassic world is certainly a dangerous place to be. Another relative of that dangerous Allosaurus family is the Ceratosaurus – a big, sharp-toothed meat-eater that it is wise to stay well clear of. Friends reunited Ceratosaurus is a typical predator of the Jurassic period. It’s big, walks on two powerful legs and has two smaller yet comparatively strong arms with four fingers on each.

With two horns on its head, the bull bit is covered, and one look at that mouth and those sharp teeth will tell you all you need to know about what it eats. What is puzzling some paleontologists is that the jaws of Carnotaurus seem to be quite weak, which is an unusual feature in a meat eater. 1 k 0 0 ,0 1 t h ig We Food Meat rns s Bull-like ho Special feature 45 Stumpy Although it’s a fairly rare dinosaur, we know quite a bit about Carnotaurus. It has pebbly skin, rather like a lizard, with bigger bumps near the spine.

This long-legged meat eater is probably quite speedy and may hunt in packs. 63 Crest and claws The most striking feature of this amazing predator is its double-crested head, giving it its name. These frills are probably for nothing more than display, but are impressive nonetheless. Another unusual aspect of this dinosaur is its dewclaw – a small claw a little way up the back of each leg – similar to the dewclaws you can see on the legs of domestic dogs and cats. Weak bite For a large predator, Dilophosaurus has quite a weak bite; palaeontologists can tell this from the way the muscles are attached to the jaw.

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