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By Jean-François P. Hamel, Jean B. Hunter, and Subhas K. Sikdar (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0841212759

ISBN-13: 9780841212756

ISBN-10: 0841217386

ISBN-13: 9780841217386

content material: Modeling and purposes of downstream processing : a survey of leading edge recommendations / Jean-François P. Hamel and Jean B. Hunter --
Statistical thermodynamics of aqueous two-phase structures / Heriberto Cabezas, Jr., Janis D. Evans, and David C. Szlag --
Theoretical remedy of aqueous two-phase extraction through the use of virial expansions : a initial file / Daniel Forciniti and Carol okay. corridor --
A inexpensive aqueous two-phase method for affinity extraction / David C. Szlag, Kenneth A. Giuliano, and Steven M. Snyder --
Separation of proteins by utilizing reversed micelles / Claude Jolivalt, Michel Minier, and Henri Renon --
Enzymes in liquid membranes : response and bioseparation / Donald ok. Simmons, Sheldon W. may well, and Pradeep ok. Agrawal --
Pilot-scale membrane filtration strategy for the restoration of an extracellular bacterial protease / John J. Sheehan, Bruce okay. Hamilton, and Peter F. Levy --
Complexation among poly(dimethyldiallylammonium chloride) and globular proteins / Mark A. Strege, Paul L. Dubin, Jeffrey S. West, and C. Daniel Flinta --
Protein fractionation via precipitation with carboxymethyl cellulose / Kathleen M. Clark and Charles E. Glatz --
Protein separation through affinity-mediated membrane delivery / Liese Dall-Bauman and Cornelius F. Ivory --
Affinity precipitation of avidin through the use of ligand-modified surfactants / Roberto Z. Guzman, Peter okay. Kilpatrick, and Ruben G. Carbonell --
Ultracentrifugation as a method for the separation and id of lipopolysaccharides / Marshall Phillips and Kim A. Brogden --
removing and inactivation of viruses by means of a surface-bonded quaternary ammonium chloride / I-Fu Tsao and Henry Y. Wang --
Mathematical version of a rotating annular non-stop dimension exclusion chromatograph / Sandeep okay. Dalvie, Ketan S. Gajiwala, and Ruth E. Baltus --
the continual rotating annular electrophoresis column : a singular method of large-scale electrophoresis / Randall A. Yoshisato, Ravindra Datta, Janusz P. Gorowicz, Robert A. Beardsley, and Gregory R. Carmichael.

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For a two polymer system the parameters consist of two constants, b and b , and two exponents, υ and υ . Values for these parameters which are valid for all solutions were obtained from experiment. Phase diagrams at ambient conditions were predicted for three different systems consisting of aqueous mixtures of polyethylene glycol and dextran ranging in molecular weight from 3690 to 167,000. The predicted phase compositions are within 1-3% from experimental values which have uncertainties of about 1%.

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