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They are not going to self-destruct and the reason is succinctly captured by Richard Rorty: Marx may have overstated when he identified morality with the interests of an economic class, but he had a point. 55 Even less are they possessed of a good reason to continue the Enlightenment project of spreading liberty, equality and fraternity under the aegis of Western hegemony because that predominance is past, displaced by the deep pessimism that global social change along these lines is possible, or at least possible within the limits of bankruptcy.

Britain’s weather begins to resemble Siberia. India, South Africa, and Indonesia are ripped apart by civil war. 35 As with the World Bank report, An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario was also suppressed by the Pentagon for some four months. When it was released – leaked in matter of fact at approximately the same time that a large body of respected scientists were criticising the White House for ‘cherry-picking’ science to suit its policy agenda – the decision had by then been taken to ignore it in terms consistent with comments by official spokespeople talking the following forms: ‘I haven’t seen it, I haven’t read it and I don’t want to make comments on the matter.

With the appearance of QDDR 2006 these impediments to meaning were present in indigestible quantities but they had by then been joined for nearly four years by the return of apocalyptic thinking which is the hallmark of the Bush Doctrine. What was in 1988 expressed as a general concern regarding terrorism, is found in a more refined and elaborate form as the combination of ‘radicalism and technology’ (religious extremists in possession of weapons of mass destruction) assisted or facilitated by weak, and rogue states prepared to take the risks of retaliation.

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