Elwyn Simons: A Search for Origins (Developments in by John G Fleagle, Christopher C. Gilbert PDF

By John G Fleagle, Christopher C. Gilbert

ISBN-10: 1441925368

ISBN-13: 9781441925367

For approximately a part century, Dr. Simons has ruled the learn of primate evolution. This quantity summarizes the present country of information in lots of elements of primate and human evolution which have been studied by means of Simons and his colleagues and position it in a broader paleontological and historic point of view. The booklet comprises the result of new learn in addition to reports of a number of the serious matters in primate and human evolution over the last half the 20 th century.

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Finally the question arises whether the Australopithecine fossils so far discovered are likely to bear any direct or indirect ancestral relationship to Homo sapiens. A careful analysis of all the purely anatomical data brings to light no serious grounds for precluding such a possibility. Indeed it is possible to go further and to affirm that the anatomical characters of the Australopithecinae conform very closely to theoretical postulates for an intermediate stage of human evolution, which had been primarily based on the indirect evidence of comparative anatomy.

Palaeontological evidence bearing on human evolution. Biol. Rev. 15: 202–230le. Le Gros Clark, W. E. (1940b). The relationship between pithecanthropus and sinanthropus. Nature 145: 70–71. Le Gros Clark, W. E. (1946). Significance of the Australopithecinae. Nature 157: 863–865. Le Gros Clark, W. E. (1949). History of the primates. British Museum (Natural History), London. Le Gros Clark, W. E. (1955). The fossil evidence for human evolution: An introduction to the study of paleoanthropology. The Scientist’s Library: Biology and Medicine.

This was the first sign of Le Gros’ sensible sensitivity to the erection of unnecessary species and higher taxa. In 1935 Le Gros presented a paper at The International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences. This suggests that he had a parallel interest in human evolution in addition to the experimental neuroscience that in the same year had brought him an FRS. It is a tour d’horizon that extends from tree shrews to modern humans. He considers the possibility that ‘‘the resemblances between Man and the anthropoid apes are .

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