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By Jerry B. Marion (Auth.)

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The United States has only 6 percent of the world's population, and yet we account for one-third of the world's energy consumption. That is, the per capita use of energy in the United States is more than 5 times the worldwide average. A person in the United States consumes, on the average, about twice as much energy as a person in the highly developed countries of Western Europe. But compared to the poor nations of Asia, the per capita use of energy in this country is greater by a factor of about 30.

As a result, the business of providing energy has become one of our primary occupations. Billions upon billions of dollars have been expended in the construction of hydroelectric dams, petroleum refining plants, and power generating stations, as well as in the ever wider search for fuel deposits in the Earth. About 10 percent of the gross national product (GNP) of the United States is derived from the business of producing e n e r g y — t h i s amounts to about $100 billion per yearl In this chapter we examine the ways in which energy is used in our modern world, and in the next chapter we discuss the various sources of our energy.

5. 6 billion barrels (42 gal e a c h ) . 4. Is there any reason why such an estimate might not be valid? 6. 6 x 10^) and was increasing at an annual rate of 2 percent. 36 X 10^ km^. What was the 1970 population density in persons per square kilometer? If the rate of increase remains constant, what is the doubling time of the world population? Estimate the world population in the year 2500. How many square meters of the Earth's surface will be available for each person at that time? Do you believe that it is reasonable to estimate the world population this far 46 3 Energy Consumption—Today and the Future in the future by assuming a constant percentage increase?

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