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By Gold, Cassandra

ISBN-10: 1604354933

ISBN-13: 9781604354935

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That was definitely a compliment. ” Rolling his eyes, James climbed back into bed. He‟d never been very comfortable sleeping with another person, but great sex and a long day made falling asleep a lot easier. Even when Travis curled up near him, he found it comforting rather than annoying. Travis‟ idea of fun with no strings was already turning out to be a good one after all. 64 Chapter Ten A barely there touch brought Travis out of a light sleep. He opened his eyes slowly, not quite ready to face the day.

He poured them each a generous serving of the sparkling wine. Travis lifted his glass. ” James tapped his glass to Travis‟ lightly, a slight smile on his lips. Travis took a sip. The champagne tasted a lot better than he expected, sharp with a hint of sweetness. He selected a strawberry coated in white chocolate and bit into it, the explosion of sweet-tart went perfectly with the wine. Minutes passed in silence as they both watched the sun dip lower, painting the horizon with shades of pink, gold, and red.

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