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By Paul Freiberger

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"A publication to not be neglected, simply simple sturdy studying concerning the drama of the children round the corner turning their desires into millions."--The ny Times"
Swaine and Freiberger catch the communal spirit of the early machine golf equipment, the brilliance and blundering of a few of the 1st start-up businesses, the collection of naivete, noble objective and greed that characterised a variety of pioneers, and the inevitable transformation of all this right into a significant undefined. needs to reading."--Philip Lemmons, editor-in-chief, BYTE journal

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To Ted Hoff, this was an affront to common sense.  If someone wanted to do only calculations, they didn't want to have to fire up a computer to run a calculator program.  He proposed to the Japanese engineers a revised design loosely based on the PDP­8.  But whereas these signals would represent numbers in a simple arithmetic chip and logical values (true or false) in a logic chip, the signals entering and leaving Hoff's chip would form a set of instructions for the IC.  The term that evolved to describe such a device was microprocessor, and microprocessors were general­purpose devices specifically because of their programmability.

After some tense moments, Olsen said that he could see no reason why anyone would want a home computer.  Although the board had not actually rejected the plan, he knew that without Olsen's support it would fail.  Ahl, like Wozniak and Albrecht and many others, had walked out the door and into a revolution.  I tried to be normal, the best I could.  But there were those who would not wait patiently for something to happen, and their very impatience led them to take steps toward creating a revolution of their own.

Masatoshi Shima, an engineer for Busicom, was due to arrive to examine and approve the final design, and Faggin would set to work turning it into silicon.  Since he was doing something no one had ever done before, he found himself having to invent techniques to get the job done.  It was a breakthrough, but its value was more in what it signified than in what it actually delivered.  The instruction set of the 4004, for all intents and purposes, constituted a programming language.  The 8008 microprocessor was developed for a company then called CTC—Computer Terminal Corporation—and later called Data­ Point.

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