New PDF release: Flowering plant origin, evolution & phylogeny

By David W. Taylor, Leo Hickey

ISBN-10: 0412053411

ISBN-13: 9780412053412

This publication covers the recent subject matters of angiosperm constitution and evolution in different chapters discussing vegetative and reproductive characters. It additionally seems on the implications of ancestral angiosperm characters for an herbaceous foundation and the phylogeny of angiosperms from a constitution and molecular viewpoint.

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34. Oblique light view of raised (three-dimensionally preserved) bivalved microsporophylls around a proximo-distally compressed macrocupule in strobilus No. 3 (PP44198); note duster of clam-shaped bracteoles and their crowded distribution where they can be seen clearly (white arrow) due to shadow contrast. 35. Axial region of male strobilus No. 2 (PP44198), near apex, showing bases of two male macrocupules (circled); wall of macrocupule can be seen as made up of carbonaceous, plate-like thickenings curved outward and distally from base of macrocupule (large arrow; details of base in right circle not as well preserved); within matrix-filled center of macrocupule base on left, a narrow, incomplete oval of black structures can be seen (small arrow within left circle), that may represent inner ring of thin thread-like sterile scales visible in Fig.

The Bennettitales, Pentoxylales, Gnetales and angiosperms) must be reevaluated in light of their occurrence in such distantly related taxa as the lycopod Drepanophycus spinaeformis (Stubblefield and Banks, 1978). As with other taxa discussed in this chapter, until more is known of the vegetative and reproductive biology of the Furcula plant, it is not possible to assess fully its contribution, if any, to angiosperm phylogeny. PANNAULIKA. Comet (1993) has recently described a dicot-like leaf from a Late Triassic locality on the Virginia-North Carolina border.

Sutures represent convergent margins of bract; sutures oriented apically (ventral). Female macrocupules contain one central elongate ovule or seed with a bulbous base (bowling-pin shaped) and gradually tapering micropylar extension; ovule surrounded by six to seven sterile scales ( = interseminal scales when between ovules) with expanded flat tops that terminate below apical rim of macrocupule and isolate ovule from macrocupule wall. Ovules/seeds possess long, hair-like processes attached at micropyle apex to form a parachute dispersal apparatus.

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