New PDF release: For All Eternity

By Linda Lael Miller

ISBN-10: 0425144569

ISBN-13: 9780425144565

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When the blood flowed, she held her flesh to Valerian's mouth, and slowly, tentatively, he took sustenance from her. " Maeve started at the sound of that voice, for she had not sensed anyone's approach, and she was genuinely shocked when she looked up from Valerian's prone form and saw Calder standing only a few feet away. He was holding a lamp high over his head, and his face was white with horror. "Calder," she said, stricken. But she did not take her wrist from Valerian's lips. " Calder demanded.

Could he stand daylight, for instance? He considered testing the theory, then decided not to push his luck. This was no time for impulsive moves. Wait until Maeve heard about this, he thought, settling back against the pillows with a self-satisfied smile. Even she, with all her power, had never managed such a feat. Isabella stirred, rustling the sheets, and opened one of her lovely dark eyes to peer up at him. She knew Valerian was not made of flesh and blood as she was, though he had never, in the course of their long association, explained the exact specifics.

Hmmmm," said Calder, obviously not listening. He had opened Valerian's shirt and was examining the wounds thereupon. "Remarkable," he reflected, excitement rising in his voice. '" Maeve closed her eyes for a moment as relief rushed through her. So they hadn't killed Valerian after all, those rampaging warlocks. He was coming back, getting stronger—his healing faculties were indeed remarkable, as Calder had termed them. Even for a vampire. " Calder asked, lifting one of Valerian's eyelids with a practiced thumb and peering into the glassy depths.

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