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Representative genera: Argillotuba, Astrammina, Astrorhiza (Pl. 1), Bathysiphon (Pl. 2), Botellina, Dendrophyra (Pl. 3), Halyphysema (Pl. 4), Hippocrepina (Pl. 5), Hyperammina (Pl. 6), Jaculella (Pl. 7), Kalamopsis, Micatuba, Oculosiphon, Platysolenites, Protobotellina, Psammosiphonella, Rhabdammina (Pl. 8), Rhizammina (Pl. 9), Saccorhiza (Pl. 10). Bilocular, globular proloculus followed by planispirally enrolled second chamber: Family Ammodiscidae (Silurian–Recent). Representative genera: Ammodiscus (Pl.

11), Esosyrinx (Pl. 12), Fissurina (Pl. 13), Glandulina (Pl. 14), Globulotuba (Pl. 15), Laryngosigma (Pl. 17), Oolina (Pl. 18), Siphoglandulina. Form genera: Bullopora (Pl. 19), Ramulina (Pl. 20), Sporadogenerina, Webbinella. 7. Wall secreted, calcareous, granular or radial; test unilocular to multilocular; chamber arrangement typically high trochospiral, triserial, biserial or enrolled biserial, or uniserial; aperture basal to terminal; with or without associated internal tooth-plate: Order Buliminida (Jurassic–Recent).

12), Miliolinella (Pl. 13), Nevillina, Nummoloculina (Pl. 14), Periloculina, Planispirinoides, Podolia, Pseudohauerina, Ptychomiliola, Pyrgo (Pl. 16), Pyrgoella, Quinqueloculina (Pl. 21), Riveroina, Schlumbergerina, Scutuloris, Sigmoilina (Pl. 23), Sigmoilopsis (Pl. 24), Sinuloculina, Spiroloculina, Spirosigmoilina, Tortonella, Triloculina (Pl. 25), Varidentella. Essentially planispiral; large, with complex interior: Family Alveolinidae (Late Cretaceous–Recent). Representative genera: ‘Alveolina’ (Pl.

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