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Employing social description, social clinical versions, and rhetorical research, Alicia J. Batten argues that the letter of James is conversant with the subject of friendship inside of Greek and Roman literature, in addition to inside of a number of texts of early Christianity. She illustrates how James drew upon the various language and ideas regarding friendship with an interesting density to suggest resistance to wealth, avoidance of wealthy consumers, and reliance upon God.


  • Use of friendship, benefaction, and patronage as lenses wherein James and comparable texts could be viewed
  • A robust case for the way the letter appels to the language and ideas of friendship with reference to God's relationships with humans
  • Exploration of the connection among the e-book of James and the lessons of Jesus

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111 Konstan, Friendship in the Classical World, 115. 1 Konstan, Friendship in the Classical World, 15. 2. Friendship in Antiquity 31 o n e c a n n o t share so m u c h w i t h so m a n y p e o p l e w i t h o u t b e c o m i n g l i k e a c h a m e l e o n o r cuttlefish, w h i c h takes o n t h e c o l o u r o f w h a t e v e r r o c k t o w h i c h it c l i n g s . " I n this sense, P l u t a r c h is q u i t e similar t o t h e classical w r i t e r s , especially A r i s t o t l e . I n d e e d , a m o n g his lists o f t r u e friends, pairs s u c h as Achilles a n d P a t r o c l u s , P h i n t i a s a n d D a m o n , a n d O r e s t e s a n d Pylades, appear.

N e o p y t h a g o r e a n s e x p e c t e d friends t o b e l o y a l a n d t o p r o v i d e a i d i n t i m e s o f n e e d . I a m b l i c h u s , On the Pythagorean Life 06 u p o n t h e 4 t h c e n t u r y B C E s o u r c e , On the Pythagorean enus) describes the friendships between C l e i n i a s a n d P r o r u s , as e x e m p l a r y . 1 0 7 Phintias ( w h i c h h e r e relies Life, b y A r i s t o x Damon, and According to Iamblichus, and Py­ t h a g o r a s e n c o u r a g e d f r i e n d s h i p o f all w i t h all: friendship o f g o d s for h u m a n s , t h r o u g h p i e t y a n d w o r s h i p b a s e d u p o n knowledge, ...

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