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I'm more than pleased to simply accept the translators' invitation to put in writing a number of traces of creation to this publication. after all, there's no use to give an explanation for the writer. Pauli's first well-known paintings, his article at the thought of relativity within the Encyklopädie der Mathematischen Wissenschaften used to be written on the age of twenty. He afterwards took half within the improvement of atomic physics from the nonetheless basically classical photograph of Bohr's early paintings to the real quantum mechanics. Thereafter, a few of his paintings involved the therapy of difficulties within the framework of the recent idea, in particular his paper at the hydrogen atom following the matrix procedure with out recourse to Schrodinger's analytic type of the speculation. His maximum fulfillment, the exclusion precept, usually recognized this day below his personal identify because the Pauli precept, that governs the quantum conception of all difficulties together with multiple electron, preceded the fundamental paintings of Heisenberg and Schrodinger, and taken him the Nobel prize. It comprises the mathematical therapy of the spin by way of the now so good­ identified Pauli matrices. In 1929, in a paper with Heisenberg, he laid the basis of quantum electrodynamics and, in doing so, to the complete thought of quantized wave fields which was once to develop into the through regia of entry to trouble-free particle physics, given that the following for the 1st time tactics of new release and annihilation of debris can be defined for the case of the photons.

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24) which is the analogue of the virial theorem (4. 9). 26) It is a well-known and important fact that the potentials Cl»k are determined only up to an additional gradient term, since by such an addition the magnetic field strengths c¥'k 1 are not altered. 27) where f is an arbitrary function of the position co-ordinates. 15) for the force, invariant. In fact, we then have oV' a~" +e oti>A _ oV cat- a~. +e otl>k. cat' Sec. 5. 17) not only the magnetic and electric field strengths but also the potentials V and fllk enter, it may at first sight appear as if the physical results following from this wave equation also depend on the absolute values of the potentials.

12) then reads 4 5 Cf. B. Podolsky, Phys. Rev. 32, 812 (1928). M. Born, P. Jordan and W. Heisenberg, Z. Physik 35, 557 (1926). Sec. 5. Many-Particle Interactions- Operator Calculus otp- =1- 1 ( -:--+A A o . 40) where Ax are the vector potentials multiplied by - ex . With c (} = D 'I' tp*, i" = Dg"Aftp•(~, oq, otp + A,tp) + tp(- ~ , otp* oq, + A,tp•)] . we have the continuity equation I On account of the occurrence of the factor D in the density function, an operator F is called Hermitian, if f Dtp* (Ftp) dq = f D (Ftp)* tp dq.

The Wave Function of a Particle Acted on by Forces The description of the states of a system of particles subject to forces by statistical laws emerged as a generalisation of that for free particles. Evidently, the corresponding concepts and laws should be consistent with one another and contain the laws of classical particle mechanics as limiting cases. Apart from these general requirements, only the results can justify the need for particular assumptions. Neglecting the relativistic corrections we can formulate these assumptions for the single particle case in the following manner: 1.

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