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PIC assembly language allows subroutines to be called using the call instruction. 768kHz crystal is too short. 4) is only 94 msec. This short delay of around a tenth of a second will cause the LED to flicker rather than flash. One way around this problem would be to use a slow (≈3kHz) RC oscillator. A more elegant solution, however, is to retain the crystal and use an additional register in a way that allows a count down from more than the maximum value of 255 possible using only the one eight bit register delreg.

The number 16 is loaded into count. The address of register 16 is loaded into FSR. Next, the value of count is moved into the register whose address is contained in FSR, by moving it into INDF. 4 Changing bit values in registers It is often necessary to change the value of individual bits in a register. Changing a single bit is easily done using either bcf or bsf. However, when two or more bits need to be changed, it becomes inefficient to make repeated use of bcf or bsf. A better method is to use logical operators such as AND, OR and Exclusive-OR.

Consult the data sheet [3] for details. After the circuit wiring has been checked, apply power and check that the port pins RB0 to RB7 are at the correct logical values using either a voltmeter or by connecting a series LED and resistor to each pin in turn. If a frequency meter is available, the signal on pin 15 (CLKOUT) will be the oscillator frequency divided by four, with a period equal to the instruction cycle time. 3 demonstrated writing a byte value to the port pins. asm. time, then grounding the pin for the same amount of time.

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