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A person with an assault weapon can quickly and easily harm or kill 39 a large number of people. These weapons were designed for war, where the goal is to kill as many people as possible, and are not appropriate for widespread public ownership. ”37 streets, the results are devastating. For —Dianne Feinstein, a US senator and sponexample, in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elsor of a bill that would ban military-style ementary School shooting, the shooter assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines.

Com. Consider these questions as you read: 1. Do you agree with the argument that if an individual is determined to carry out a mass shooting, it is impossible to stop him or her? Why or why not? 2. Some people argue that the best way to prevent mass shootings is to allow more people to be armed so that mass shooters cannot so easily shoot whomever they choose. Do you agree with this perspective? Explain. 3. Taking into account the facts and arguments presented in this discussion, how persuasive is the argument that stronger gun control measures will not prevent mass shootings?

Which arguments provide the strongest support for this perspective? Editor’s note: The discussion that follows presents common arguments made in support of this perspective, reinforced by facts, quotes, and examples taken from various sources. Norway has some of the strictest gun control laws in the world. Anyone who wants to buy a gun must provide a valid reason for ownership and obtain a license from the government. Strict laws also govern gun storage, and police have the right to inspect an owner’s home to ensure that they are following these laws.

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