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By Ziad Melhem

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Hot temperature superconductors (HTS) supply many benefits via their program in electric structures, together with excessive potency functionality and excessive throughput with low electric losses. whereas cryogenic cooling and precision fabrics manufacture is needed to accomplish this aim, expense rate reductions with no major functionality loss are being accomplished via complex layout, improvement and manufacture of HTS apparatus. This publication explores the elemental technology and engineering of HTS elements, reminiscent of wires and tapes, cables, coils and magnets, and studies the power functions those fabrics are utilized in, from energy structures and rotating equipment to fusion and accelerator applied sciences.

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1989) achieved the first high-current OPIT wire using Bi-2212 monocores. , 1994). This achieves sufficient uniaxial texture along the conductor length to promote significant values of Jc. Multifilament wire was first reported by Motowidlo et al. (1994), and Rutherford cables made from round wire by Scanlan et al. (1999). Although Bi-2212 never received the level of development effort devoted to Bi-2223 or YBCO, there has been steady progress in 2212 OPIT wires for more than 20 years, as demonstrated in Fig.

8 References Abrikosov A, (1957) ‘On the magnetic properties of superconductors of the second groups’, Soviet physics, JETP, 5, 1174–1183. Alford N, Penn S and Button T, (1997), ‘High-temperature superconducting thick films’, Supercond Sci Techn, 10, 169–185. Bardeen J, Cooper L and Schrieffer J, (1957), ‘Theory of superconductivity’, Phys Rev, 108, 1175–1204. Battlog B, Cava R and Van Dover R, (2003), US Patent No. 6,630,425 B1. Bednorz J and Muller K, (1986), ‘Possible high Tc superconductivity in the Ba-La-Cu-O system’, Z Phys B,64, 189–193.

Although a large number of HTS materials have been discovered, only three practical materials have been developed for applications. The basic manufacturing methods of these three were described. The Jc and Je performance in these materials was compared, and put in the context of © Woodhead Publishing Limited, 2012 30 High temperature superconductors for energy applications LTS materials. The economic considerations were represented by a price/ performance figure of merit in dollars per kA m. The present status and the trends with time of the price/performance measure in these materials was discussed, with present conditions indicating a wane in importance of BSCCO materials while YBCO-coated conductors seem to be growing in importance.

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