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By J. Henry Lefroy

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The guides of the Hakluyt Society (founded in 1846) made to be had edited (and occasionally translated) early debts of exploration. the 1st sequence, which ran from 1847 to 1899, contains a hundred books containing released or formerly unpublished works by means of authors from Christopher Columbus to Sir Francis Drake, and masking voyages to the hot global, to China and Japan, to Russia and to Africa and India. This 1882 quantity includes a historical past of the early governors of Bermuda. The paintings is nameless, even supposing the editor means that the writer may be Captain John Smith, governor of Virginia. First settled in 1612, Bermuda grew to become a tremendous plantation colony after the failure of the 1st English colonies in Virginia. This variation offers a vibrant description of the social stipulations and service provider on Bermuda from the founding of the colony.

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The which petition, after much hammeringe vpon, examination, correction, puttinge in and puttinge out, wrightinge ouer and ouer and finall contruement, was committed to the fingers of a sure carde, and so euer ready to be carried into the maine in state, for the collection of handes; when (be1 Smith was himself conspicuous for temperance, as well as for bravery, and his contempt for the vice of drunkenness is one of the internal evidences of his authorship of this work. A sort of porridge made of Indian corn.

1G13, came to an anchor in the harbour of St. Georges: the gouernour, at her comeinge, being in employment with his best men in rayseinge some fortifications at the Gurnetts Head. Vpon her was also 1 This will have been about March 1613. OR SUMMER ISLANDS. 29 shypped one Bartlett, a miscarryed merchant, employed by the aduenturers to suruaye the Hands, and to prie into the gouernours actions; but the gouernour (who, certainely, for a man of his coate, was apprehensive ynough), in a short time made a discouerye vpon him; and, findinge the jealousies of the companye, found it necessary for hiinselfe to stand vpon his gard, and yet outwardly kept himselfe vpon fayre tearmes with Bartlett dureinge his abode with him; who, haueinge practised his eyesight to noe great aduantage, after five weekes stay, returned with the shyp that brought him; the which had also laded vpon her the second third part of the amber-greece; for, with the whole, the gouernour, Vpon his first grounds, would by noe meanes (though much solicited by Bartlett) be brought to part with all at one time.

Gifford's Ben Jonson, note in loc. cit. Millford Lane still exists. , ii, p. 703, where the name is erroneously written " Morar" or " Moorer" instead of Moorc\ OK SUMMER ISLANDS. 47 confusions) to treate of our halfe dosen of Gouernours left behind in the Sommer Hands. LIB. —1615-161G. The first publick attempt they tooke in hand was the castinge of lotts, to see who first should begin the playe, the which by good fortune fell upon one of the ciuillest; who though, hereby, he had the advantage and start of the rest in the haveinge of a full store, yet he vsed it in a farre better temper than any of them would have done, and therby left somewhat for his companions in the reare to shewe their ill-husbandry and reeleinge expence.

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