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By Mick O'Hare

ISBN-10: 1846680441

ISBN-13: 9781846680441

Outrageously unique and academic experiments from the group in the back of the exceptional foreign bestseller Does whatever devour Wasps?

How are you able to degree the rate of sunshine with a bar of chocolate and a microwave oven? to maintain a banana from decaying, are you at an advantage rubbing it with lemon juice or refrigerating it? how will you determine how a lot your head weighs? Mick O'Hare, who created the New Scientist's renowned technological know-how sensations Does something consume Wasps? and Why do not Penguins' toes Freeze?, has the answers.

In this attention-grabbing and impossible to resist new ebook, O'Hare and the New Scientist team advisor you thru 100 interesting experiments that convey crucial medical rules (and human interest) in motion. Explaining every thing from the bizarre chemical response among Mentos and cola that provokes a geyser to the geological stipulations essential to protect a family members puppy for eternity, How to Fossilize Your Hamster is enjoyable, hands-on technology that everybody should want to try out at home.

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A non-flat-screen, old-fashioned TV (hopefully you kept yours in the loft or have given it to the kids) a darkened room a finger What do I do? Switch off the lights, turn off the TV and touch the screen – don’t wait too long or you won’t see the effect. What will I see? You’ll see a fluorescent glow at the point where you touch the otherwise blank screen and you’ll hear a crackle of static electricity discharge. Move your finger or hand across the screen and hear more static as the hairs on your arm simultaneously become charged in the electrical field of the TV.

We look forward to hearing about readers’ home experiments on this and any number of other fruits whose growing environments straddle temperate and tropical climes. Iron man Breakfast cereals often claim to be fortified with iron. Well, are they? They are and, more amazingly, if you have a magnet you can extract it too! So ponder the ingredients list on your packet of cornflakes while you are munching breakfast, and then set about removing one of them… What do I need? breakfast cereal fortified with iron (cornflakes work, but check on the side of the packet to see what the iron content is – the higher, the better) a plastic cup a spoon or pestle to crush the cereal (better still, a blender) hot water a very strong magnet clean white paper a clear, sealable plastic sandwich bag What do I do?

To get the ketchup out of the bottle, first ensure that the lid is on, unless you want to upset the person sitting directly opposite you, then give the bottle some vigorous but not over-athletic shaking. This will break some of those weak bonds between the starch molecules. Now turn the bottle upside down over your plate and watch the ketchup emerge in a slow, gentle stream. The Bellis (or vibration) method: Rapidly hit the side of the bottle with the soft edge of your fist while holding the bottle at an appropriate angle.

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