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The Dasas and Dasyus] appear to be demonic rather than human enemies…. It is a cosmic Struggle which is described in detailed accounts that are consistent with one another. Which is exactly what Sri Aurobindo had said eighty years earlier. Moreover, we are asked to believe that in a few centuries, the Aryans not only composed the Veda, but conquered North India, “imposed” over most of the country their culture and literature founded on Sanskrit, then built up a great civilization from scratch in the Gangetic plains — quite a stunning development, if we remember that the said Aryans were said to be semiprimitive, pastoral nomads.

As the archaeologist B. B. ) In the Indus valley, wheat, barley, pulses, a number of vegetables, and cotton were some of the common crops, and were planted following the two-season pattern still in use today (*rabi* or winter, *kharif* or summer); in Gujarat, rice and vaiious millets were grown, too. The Harappans hunted wild animals, but they also started domesticating cattle (including the majestic humped bull depicted on many seals), sheep, goats and pigs from about 5000 BC. A central pillar of the Indus-Sarasvati civilization was an efficient administration ensuring that the society remained well-knit.

Are prominently revered. We find on one tablet a figure slaying a buffalo, reminiscent of Durga as Mahishamardini, while the same horned deity looks on. And of course, numerous seals depict a magnificent bull, a symbol of Agni and Indra (among others) in the Veda. As for the majestic Unicorn, found on hundreds of seals, and the mysterious threeheaded creature, they are mentioned in the Mahabharata as aspects of Krishna, as N. 27, 28). Even the key Vedic theme of the marriage of Heaven and Earth is dearly depicted on a seal (where a bull mates with a woman from whose head a plant emerges), as the Allchins themselves concede.

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