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By SenGupta A.K., Moyer B.A. (eds.)

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Development of a BTBP process is under way. Soft-hard hybrid donors. 2 M HNO3, and its separation ability is rather low, SF[Am(III)/Eu(III)] < 10 (321), some pyridine-2,6-dicarboxyamides (PDA) were investigated (347–354). Although PDAs showed higher extraction of An(III) owing to two carbonyl groups in acidic solution, the SF values were not improved. This limit is ascribed to the ability of N-donors of the pyridine group in discriminating between 4f- and 5f-elements. Thus, Yaita et al. 5), which exhibited a SF(Am/ Eu) value of ca.

In stage 3, the focus is on achieving a closed fuel cycle with actinide transmutation in which all fissile and fertile materials are recycled. Thus, in view of the accumulation of spent fuels, evolution of Gen III (plus) reactors, limited capacity of the Yucca Mountain repository, homogeneous and heterogeneous recycling of all transuranics to the Gen IV (fast) reactors, PR capability, and constraints on the progress of separation technologies, CFCs of the UREX+ family, including UREX+1, UREX+1a, UREX+2, UREX+3, and UREX+4, were proposed (10).

Fe, Zr, Mo, and Pd) is suppressed by the addition of oxalic acid to the feed solution or to scrubbing stages. To design and optimize flowsheets most appropriate for the objective application, the GTM program has been used (212, 213). After the 1990s, the application of the TRUEX process for practical purposes has been implemented successfully (214–219), parallel to fundamental investigations (220–225). Malonamide. Malonamides (MAMs) are the most extensively investigated extractant in Europe (226–245), under the terms of French law of 30 December 1991.

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