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One may distinguish "electron-sufficient bridged carbocations" and "electrondeficient bridged carbocations". Examples of the former are phenylbridged ions (for which the trivial name "phenonium ion" has been . Kevin's Glossary on Chemistry 43 used), such as (A). These ions are straightforwardly classified as carbenium ions. The latter type of ion necessarily involves threecentre bonding. Structures (C) and (D) contain five-coordinate carbon atoms. The "hydrogen-bridged carbocation" (B) contains a two-co-ordinate hydrogen atom.

Example: The boiling point of pure water at standard atmospheric pressure is 100°C. The temperature at which the vapor pressure of a liquid is equal to the pressure on the liquid. The boiling point of a solution is higher than the boiling point of the pure solvent. Boiling point elevation is a colligative property. Boiling point elevation : The increase in the boiling point of a solvent that occurs when a solute is added to form a solution. A thin glass tube closed at one end and used for chemical tests, etc.

In absorption spectroscopy, the absorbance of a dilute solution is equal to its absorptivity times the path length times the concentration of the absorbing solute. Bell jar : a tall glass jar with an open bottom and a wide, stoppered neck that is used in conjunction with a beehive shelf and a pneumatic trough in some experiments involving gases. The name derives from historic versions of the apparatus, which resembled a bell in shape. Kevin's Glossary on Chemistry 35' Bell-Evans-Polanyi principle : The linear relation between energy of activation (El ) and enthalpy of reaction (llHr) sometimes observed within a series of closely related reactions.

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