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By Jean-Claude Bourles

ISBN-10: 2228891630

ISBN-13: 9782228891639

"Nous marchons, vers une ville de bout du monde. L'une de ces cit?s baroques, un peu mythiques, comme nous les aimons en Bretagne. L'un de ces hauts lieux de naufrage dispers?s dans le monde, avec lesquels l'humanit? errante aime ? entretenir d'illusoires rendez-vous."   Chapeau et manteau de feutre, besace au c?t?, bourdon en major : depuis plus d'un mill?naire les p?lerins de Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle nourrissent l'imaginaire occidental. Chemin de foi, chemin de savoir et d'?changes, chemin d'initiation : Compostelle fut tout cela, et plus encore.  

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710 OXYGEN: E. A. V. EBSWORTH, J. A. CONNOR A N D J. J. TURNER The process of "apparently uncatalysed oxidation of a substance exposed to the oxygen of the air" has been defined as autoxidation72; species that autoxidize include unsaturated organic systems, transition metals in low oxidation states and many free radicals. Oxygen, with its triplet ground state, is in condition to combine with other molecules with para­ magnetic ground states or low-lying excited states. Indeed, many autoxidations involve free radicals.

U s v . Kadlec, J. Wuensch and A . Brodsky, Czech Pat. 116,230 (1965). n e H. Anders, Zucker 19 (1966) 552. 117 V. L. Loser, Energetik 13 (1965) 5. H 8 H. H. Willard, L. L. Merritt and J. A. , VanNostrand, N e w York (1965). 119 I. M. Kolthoff and J. J. , Interscience, N e w York (1952); J. P. Payne and D . W. Hill, Oxygen Measurements in Blood and Tissue, and their Significance, Churchill, London (1966). 120 H. A. Laitinen, Chemical Analysis, McGraw-Hill, N e w York (1960). 121 British Standards, BS 2690, part 2.

1 (1964) 227. s» J. H. deBoer, Discussion, 2nd Int. Conf. Surface Activity, Butterworths, II (1957) 337. 90 F. S. Stone, Adv. Catalysis 13 (1962) 1. 91 J. H. Lumford and J. P. Jayne, / . Chem. Phys. 44 (1966) 1487. 713 REACTIONS OF OXYGEN 91 lattice defects disappear in many systems when oxygen is adsorbed . The chemisorbed species may be O2, O2, O·, 0~ or 0~ 2 , and the formation of such polymers as O4 or O4 has been suggested92»93; the electrons necessary for the formation of the reduced species must come, of course, from the lattice.

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