New PDF release: Life and death in the Templo Mayor

By Eduardo Matos Moctezuma

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The nice temple often called the Templo Mayor of Tenochtitlan symbolizes the axis mundi, the Aztec middle of the realm, the place the sky, the earth, and the underworld met. during this quantity, Matos Moctezuma makes use of his unequalled familiarity with the archaeological info to offer a concise and well-supported improvement of this subject matter.

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We would like to thank our copy editor, Alice Colwell, for her meticulous work and her suggestions, which greatly improved the final product. Page xi Life and Death in the Templo Mayor Page 1 1 Basis for a Hypothesis The excavations that were carried out for five years (1978-1982) in the center of Mexico City resulted in the recovery of several thousand objects associated with the Templo Mayor of Tenochtitlan. 1 In order to reach that goal, we used two disciplines that provided us with rich and varied information.

Afterward the thirteen heavens, or celestial levels, were created, then water and Cipactli (alligator), which in turn became Page 23 a. Nahua levels of the universe; b. Levels of the universe represented in the Templo Mayor. Page 24 the earth. Below we give more details about each of these three levels, beginning with an explanation of their location. The structure of the Nahua universe consisted of two planes, one vertical and the other horizontal. The place where both planes intersected was the center, the navel that formed one of the three levels, the earth.

These were egalitarian agricultural societies. From that time on, the fertility of earth and water acquired fundamental importance, as the life of the group depended on them. Humans deified those elements. Thus the earth, where plants were born, was converted into the great creative mother, as seen in the feminine portrayals of small clay figures generally related to fertility. And 12 Childe 1961. Page 12 water became the fertilizing element, the divine semen that gave life to plants. Humans had again created new gods.

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