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By Gauri Kelkar

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Parvati is an incarnation of the Divine mom, Goddess Durga and spouse of Lord Shiva. She is the gentler kind of Goddess Durga and is a home-maker, with a husband and kids. even though, Goddess Parvati herself is especially complete and expert adequate to struggle the demons single-handedly. She too is taken into account to be a excellent goddess from whom different shaktis (divine energies) are derived. This publication tells the story of the way Parvati received Lord Shiva as her husband and the way she helped her husband during periods of hassle. The publication, except narrating knowledge stories from Indian mythology, introduces the kid to the realm of recent phrases. The phrases were conscientiously selected via a panel of specialists and are defined intimately on the finish of the e-book in a word list.

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At that instance, he saw Parvati. Her radiant beauty reassured him of the gods’ plan. ’ ‘Yes. ’ Rati comforted her husband. Kamadeva and Rati then quietly followed Parvati to the grove where Lord Shiva was sitting, but they stayed at a safe distance. Kamadeva watched very carefully as Parvati approached Lord Shiva, whose grim face again made him doubt himself. He hesitated. She put the flowers she had gathered at Lord Shiva’s feet, and he opened his eyes. Kamadeva saw Lord Shiva looking at Parvati and thought to himself, ‘It seems as though Lord Shiva, likes her as well!

It became her devotee and stood guard by her side to protect her from other animals. Meanwhile Lord Brahma decided that he himself must do something. He had not expected Goddess Parvati to behave like this! So he appeared before her. ‘Dear Parvati. You have to stop this now. You have more important deeds awaiting you. The evil demon brothers Shumbha and Nishumbha have to die by your hands. The world needs to be saved from their tyranny. ’ Hearing these words, Goddess Parvati immediately got up.

Nce upon a time, Lord Shiva, who was part of the holy trinity, decided to forego his life as a householder. The great Lord had been utterly devastated by the death of his beloved wife, Sati. He lost interest in everything else. He went to a small grove in the Himalayas and began to live the life of a hermit. A lot of time passed like this. Lord Shiva was deeply absorbed in meditation. He did not even notice the celebrations that were being organised one day near the grove where he was seated.

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