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By Udo R. Markert, Peter Elsner

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The prevalence of bronchial asthma is expanding all over the world. Beside the well-established symptomatic remedies and subcutaneous immunotherapies, previously referred to as de- or hyposensitization, a brand new kind of remedy, neighborhood immunotherapy, has been built in recent times. neighborhood immunotherapy, even though nonetheless controversially mentioned, grants to be a healing, noninvasive, and simply acceptable therapy for bronchial asthma. This quantity summarizes the most up-tp-date info on neighborhood immuntherapy compiled by way of the world over well known experts. within the method part, basic points of neighborhood immunotherapy are awarded together with its historical past, allergen resorption and biodistribution, mechanisms of oral tolerance and functional reviews. the second one part dedicated to efficacy and security provides findings from overseas placebo-controlled experiences on nasal and sublingual immunotherapies with various allergens and for various allergic stipulations together with bronchial asthma and eczema.

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5. Reactions of the bronchial system measured by body plethysmography in 3 patients, each given different amounts of allergen extract [15]. Patient figures represent age (years) with the height (cm)/weight (kg) given in parentheses. of patient serum into a study subject has prevented the use of this technique in more recent times. However, we were able to demonstrate quantitative doseresponse curves during oral immunotherapy with pollen allergens using body plethysmographic (Rt) measures of airway obstruction to assess the degree of immune response as figures 4 and 5 show [15].

Judaica by the sublingual or intranasal route. For the sublingual route the preparation was administered in tablets, as in a normal course of immunotherapy; the tablets were kept in the mouth until dissolved, then they were swallowed. In these experimental conditions too, similar results were obtained; no transmucosal passage of the tracer to the bloodstream before swallowing, as well as local persistence for hours after administration were observed. Accordingly, plasma radioactivity profile and radioactivity gel filtration profile at its peak were similar to the former set of experiments.

J Clin Invest 2000;106:935–937. Garside P, Mowat A: Oral tolerance. Semin Immunol 2001;13:177–185. Iwasaki A, Kelsall B: Location of distinct Peyer’s patch dendritic cell subsets and their recruitment by chemokines macrophage inflammatory protein (MIP)-3␣, MIP-3␤, and secondary lymphoid organ chemokines. J Exp Med 2000;191:1381–1393. Wiedermann U, Jahn-Schmid B, Lindblad M, Rask C, Holmgren J, Kraft D, Ebner C: Suppressive versus stimulatory effects of allergen/cholera toxoid (CTB) conjugates depending on the nature of the allergen in a murine model of type I allergy.

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