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content material: Chemical equilibrium in seawater / R.M. Pytkowicz, E. Atlas, and C.H. Culberson --
The actual chemistry of estuaries / Frank J. Millero --
Redox reactions and answer complexes of iron in marine platforms / Dana R. Kester, Robert H. Byrne, Jr., and Yu-Jean Liang --
Minor aspect versions in coastal waters / Peter G. Brewer and Derek W. Spencer --
The calculation of chemical potentials in average waters : software to combined chloride-sulfate strategies / G. Michel Lafon --
The task of hint metals in man made seawater at 25°C / M.W. Watson, R.H. wooden, and Frank J. Millero --
Methane and radon-222 as tracers for mechanisms of alternate around the sediment-water interface within the Hudson River estuary / D.E. Hammond, H.J. Simpson, and G. Mathieu --
approaches affecting the delivery of fabrics from continents to oceans / B.N. Troup and O.P. Bricker --
A box examine of chemical budgets for a small tidal creek : Charleston Harbor, S.C. --
J.L. Settlemyre and L.R. Gardner --
procedures affecting the vertical distribution of hint parts within the Chesapeake Bay / Richard L. Harris, George R. Helz, and Robert L. Cory --
An ESCA learn of sorbed steel ions on clay minerals / Mitchell H. Koppelman and John G. Dillard --
using ordinary Pb-210 as a heavy steel tracer within the river-estuarine process / Larry okay. Benninger, Dale M. Lewis, and Karl okay. Turekian --
beginning and distributions of low molecular weight hydrocarbons in Gulf of Mexico coastal waters / William M. Sackett and James M. Brooks --
Genesis and degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons in marine environments / T.F. Yen --
A comparability of study equipment for hydrocarbons in floor sediments / J.W. Farrington and B.W. Tripp --
Lipid geochemistry of contemporary sediments from the nice Marsh, Lewes, Delaware / Paul J. Swetland and John F. Wehmiller --
Chemical elements influencing steel alkylation in water / K.L. Jewett, F.E. Brinckman, and J.M. Bellama --
Chemical and bacterial biking of heavy metals within the estuarine process / F.E. Brinckman and W.P. Iverson --
Spatial and temporal diversifications within the interstitial water chemistry of Chesapeake Bay sediments / Gerald Matisoff, Owen P. Bricker, III, George R. Holdren, Jr., and Peter Kaerk --
A version for the regulate of dissolved manganese within the interstitial waters of Chesapeake Bay / G.R. Holdren, Jr., O.P. Bricker, III, and G. Matisoff --
liberate of heavy metals from sediments : initial comparability of laboratory and box reports / Kerilyn C. Burrows and Matthew H. Hulbert --
tendencies in waste good disposal in U.S. coastal waters, 1968-1974 / M. supply Gross --
commercial perspective on ocean disposal / Lloyd L. Falk --
Sludge disposal and the coastal city / Norman Nash --
Chemical wishes for the legislation of ocean disposal / T.A. Wastler and C.K. Offutt --
Pollutant inputs and distributions off southern California / D.R. younger, D.J. McDermott, T.C. Heesen, and T.K. Jan --
Use of silver and zinc to track sewage sludge dispersal in coastal waters / F. Rutherford and T. Church --
possible choices to marine disposal of sewage sludge / Richard I. Dick --
results of baled sturdy waste disposal within the marine surroundings : a descriptive version / Theodore C. Loder --
Pioneering the hot of shrimp farming / Paul F. Bente, Jr. --
Renatured chitin fibrils, movies, and filaments / C.J. Brine and Paul R. Austin --
Seawater desalination by way of opposite osmosis / N. Walter Rosenblatt --
Marine anti-corrosive and anti-fouling coatings / Monroe M. Willey --
purposes of chemistry in deep ocean mining / J.A. Olander --
Nonbiological degradation and adjustments of natural insecticides in aqueous platforms / Samuel D. Faust --
pollutants and bioactive compounds within the marine atmosphere / George M. Padilla and Dean F. Martin --
New England coastal waters : an enormous estuary / Charles S. Yentsch --
Nutrient budgets within the Hudson River estuary / H.J. Simpson, D.E. Hammond, B.L. Deck, and S.C. Williams --
The seasonal version in resources, concentrations, and affects of ammonium within the big apple Bight apex / Harold B. O'Connors and Iver W. Duedall --
The dynamics of nitrogen and phosphorus biking within the open waters of the Chesapeake Bay / James J. McCarthy, W. Rowland Taylor, and Jay L. Taft --
Gross analyses of natural topic in seawater : why, how, and from the place / Jonathan H. Sharp.

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Complexes - when the ions are held i n contact by covalent bonds, 2. contact ion pairs - when the ions are i n contact and linked electrostatically (with no covalent bonding), 3. solvent-shared ion pairs - when the ions are linked electrostatically and separated by a single water molecule and 4. solvent-separated ion pairs - when the ions are linked electrostatically are separated by more than one water molecule. In applying the ion pairing model one makes the assumption that where [ M ] i s the free metal concentration and Y « ( M ) i s the activity coefficient of the free ion.

N e v e r t h e l e s s , d e v i a t i o n s between t h e p r e d i c t i o n s f r o m c h e m i c a l m o d e l s and t h e e n v i r o n m e n t a l o b s e r v a t i o n s c a n i n d i c a t e t h e e x i s t ence o f a d d i t i o n a l f a c t o r s which r e q u i r e c o n s i d e r a t i o n . T h i s p a p e r p r e s e n t s a c h e m i c a l model f o r i r o n i n m a r i n e s y s t e m s based on t h e r m o d y n a m i c and k i n e t i c i n f o r m a t i o n . ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1975.

Chem. (1971), 75, 1305. (45) Ward, G. , Millero, F. , J. Soln. , (1974), 3, 431. (46) Millero, F. , Earth Planet. Sci. Letters, (1975), in press. (47) Millero, F. , Lawson, D. , J. Geophys. , (1975), submitted. (48) Millero, F. , Chem. , (1971), 71, 147. (49) Millero, F. , in "Water and Aqueous Solutions", R. H. , Wiley, New York (1972), p. 519. (50) Millero, F. , J. Chem. Eng. Data, (1975), to be submitted. (51) Millero, F. , i Wiley, New York (1975) , in press. (52) Millero, F. , Ward, G. , J.

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