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By Victor Milan

ISBN-10: 0451459830

ISBN-13: 9780451459831

Extended family Jade Falcon returns to wreck the metal Wolves as soon as and for all. yet their real aim is Skye, the capital of the Republic.

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Most people of The Republic of the Sphere had never seen more than one or two in person in all their lives. Now, confronted with what to them was a stupefying profusion of the giant killing machines, many simply panicked. The Elementals descended toward the ragged lines of prone riflemen. Liquid flame gushed from the arms of their armor. html footsteps of flame dying slowly behind them in the dew-moist morning grass. html Other power-armored giants unleashed rockets from launchers rising to either side of their heads like grotesque shoulder padding.

The Countess’ gaze did not quiver by a micron from his, but she could feel the pressure of her aide’s eyes like heat upon her cheek. The lack of any discernible quantum of irony in Redburn’s voice only emphasized the seriousness of the matter that had caused the two to be summoned here. Because, in truth, the Countess Northwind and the Exarch, duly elected ruler of The Republic to which she had sworn her life to serve, cordially detested one another. The two women settled themselves into seats across the table from the Exarch.

These had been disassembled decades before in the Inner Sphere-wide euphoria over The Republic’s swords-into-plowshares policy. To maintain such pre-Republic defenses, it was generally held, if not frequently put into words, was tantamount to inviting the bad old times back. So the heavy defensive weaponry was long gone. And the bad times came back in trumps: a trey of stars, three Jade Falcon DropShips riding sunfire. Of the troops on foot and vehicle patrol around the port, some simply hid, or scaled the fence and ran away across the fields to hide in the transient suburbs which sprang up nearby during the sixty-two-year calm spells between bouts of catastrophic weather.

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