Medieval Latin Christian Texts on the Jewish Calendar: A by C Philipp E Nothaft PDF

By C Philipp E Nothaft

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Throughout the later heart a long time (twelfth to 15th centuries), the examine of chronology, astronomy, and scriptural exegesis between Christian students gave upward thrust to Latin treatises that dealt particularly with the Jewish calendar and its version to Christian reasons. In "Medieval Latin Christian Texts at the Jewish Calendar" C. Philipp E. Nothaft bargains the 1st overview of this phenomenon within the kind of severe versions, English translations, and in-depth reviews of 5 key texts, which jointly shed attention-grabbing new mild at the avenues of highbrow alternate among medieval Jews and Christians.

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48 For more than half a millennium, between the sixth century and the astronomical ‘Renaissance’ of the 47 48 See Mosshammer, The Easter Computus, 319–437, and Georges Declercq, Anno Domini: The Origins of the Christian Era (Turnhout: Brepols, 2000). Useful introductions to the history of Western computistics include Eduard Schwartz, Christliche und jüdische Ostertafeln (Berlin: Weidmann, 1905); Charles W. 50 The rationale for this number lies in the fact that 532 is a multiple of the standard 19-year cycle and the 28-year ‘solar’ cycle, which marks the recurrence of the dates in the Julian calendar on the same weekdays.

530594d and implied what they often took to be a discrepancy of one day in 304 years. As we have seen, the same value also provided the foundation for the fixed Jewish calendar—a fact that was known and admired by several would-be calendar reformers. Things were slightly less straightforward in the case of the solar year, for which ancient and medieval authorities transmitted diverging estimates. The alternatives here ranged from an error of one day in 300 years to one day per century. 55 Among the first to openly demand a reform of the Easter computus was the Westphalian cathedral canon Reinher of Paderborn, 53 54 55 For a speculative argument that this problem was already known to Bede, see Jennifer Moreton, “Doubts about the Calendar: Bede and the Eclipse of 664,” Isis 89 (1998): 50–65.

The meridian found by Robert is thus ca. 48° East, whereas the longitude of Jerusalem is 35° 13′ East. contexts and pretexts 27 molad of the first month (Tishri) fell on a Monday (7 October), 5h and 204p (reckoned from 6pm). 204) into Hebrew notation yields the word ‫בהר׳ד‬, which is why the epoch date of the Jewish calendar is also known as molad baharad. Although the length of the lunation is uniformly reckoned as 29d 12h 793p, an individual lunar month must obviously consist of a whole number of days, which in the Jewish calendar has the effect that the months generally alternate between ‘full’ (‫מלא‬, male) months of 30 days and ‘defective’ (‫חסר‬, ḥaser) months of 29 days.

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