Peter Chamberlain's Mortars and rockets PDF

By Peter Chamberlain

ISBN-10: 0668038179

ISBN-13: 9780668038171

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The depth of focus (DOF) is proportional to 1 divided by the square of the NA. Note that the depth of focus is different from the free working distance. The free working distance places a critical limitation on the depth that the objective can focus through the specimen before the specimen makes contact with the tip of the objective. If we 32 Chapter 2 require that the microscope objective will be able to focus through a cornea that is 500 µm thick in its central region, then the free working distance of the objective selected for this specimen must be greater than 500 µm.

4). The word conjugate means linked together by the rules of geometrical optics. It is also the name of the iris diaphragm in front of the collecting lens of the light source. With Köhler illumination, the condenser focuses the image of the field diaphragm onto the image plane (see Fig. 2). 4 Schematic diagram of an epi-illumination fluorescence microscope. A condenser iris diaphragm is located at the front focal plane of the condenser lens of a microscope. With Köhler illumination, the iris is located in a plane conjugate to the back focal plane of the objective lens.

Field planes are conjugate with the focused specimen. When the compound light microscope is correctly adjusted, the sharp image of the field stop diaphragm can be seen at the edge of the microscopic field. If the compound light microscope is correctly adjusted, then these two sets of conjugate planes are independent of each other. For example, it is possible to close the condenser diaphragm to reduce the angular aperture of the illumination, but it will not change the area of the specimen that is illuminated.

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