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MCQs now shape a vital part of many greater examinations in medication and are a necessary research reduction for all postgraduate scholars. each one bankruptcy has questions about a unique subject from osteology to embryology, masking the entire components useful for ophthalmic anatomy examinations. The questions are through actual or fake solutions and reasoned discussions permitting the reader to check and extend their wisdom. Aimed basically at these sitting the anatomy paper of the school of Ophthalmologists fundamental fellowship, the MCQs can be of use to optometrists and others with an curiosity in ophthalmic and neuroanatomy

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52 Vascular anatomy: Questions 14 The cavernous sinus A Anteriorly, lies at the superior orbital fissure B Communicates with its contralateral sinus C Drains mainly into the inferior petrosal sinuses D Transmits VI which passes medial to the internal carotid artery E May be thrombosed by sepsis from the inner ear 15 Blood from the following structures drains into the cavernous sinus A Vault bones B Skin covering the maxilla C Infraorbital vein D Deep middle cerebral vein E Sphenoparietal sinus 53 Vascular anatomy: Answers 14 A True B True C False D False E True The cavernous sinus extends from the superior orbital fissure to the petrous temporal bone and communicates with its fellow via the intercavernous sinuses.

The cuneus lies between the posterior part of the calcarine sulcus and the parieto-occipital sulcus, with the latter separating it from the precuneus. 2 A True B False C True D False E False The cortical representation of these areas is as follows: Frontal eye field - middle frontal gyrus, anterior to premotor strip Auditory cortex - floor of lateral sulcus and adjacent superior temporal gyrus Taste area - frontoparietal operculum Olfactory area - piriform cortex Wernicke's area - superior and middle temporal gyri Broca's area - left inferior frontal gyrus 60 Neuroanatomy: Questions Which of these structures lie or pass adjacent to the cerebral peduncles?

15 A True B True C False D False E True The following drain into the cavernous sinus: Superior ophthalmic vein Inferior ophthalmic vein Sphenoparietal sinus (drains the skull vault) Superior middle cerebral veins (drain the cortex along the lateral sulcus) Blood from the skin overlying the maxilla drains naturally into the cavernous sinus by several different routes: Angular vein to superior ophthalmic to cavernous sinus Facial vein to pterygopalatine plexus to cavernous sinus 54 Vascular anatomy: Questions 16 Regarding the cavernous sinus A The internal carotid artery runs in its walls B III passes medial to Vj C VI lies medial to III D Sympathetic fibres to the extraocular muscle paralysed in Horner's syndrome do not cross this sinus E Blood from this sinus drains directly to the torcula herophili (confluence of sinuses) 17 Which of the statements about the following veins is/are correct?

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