Natural disasters: hurricanes : a reference handbook by Patrick J. Fitzpatrick PDF

By Patrick J. Fitzpatrick

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It passed. The light darkened. The high shrieking came from the other direction as the opposite whirling thickness of the cyclonic cone moved on over the darkened city. In fact, many killed in the Labor Day Hurricane had wandered outside during the passage of the eye. In addition to the re- Page 15 turn of fierce winds, sometimes the highest storm surge (to be discussed later) occurs on the backside of the eye. Outside the eyewall region, the weaker spiral bands accompanying the hurricane typically affect a large area.

Reach their potential because some inhibiting factor (such as wind shear, landfall, or movement over colder water) occurs. As shown earlier, hurricanes are most numerous and strongest in late summer for most ocean basins. This is because the three favorable conditionswarm water, weak wind shear, and cyclonic disturbancesare optimum in late summer. In particular, water's temperature peaks in late summer, which seems paradoxical because the longest day is in June. However, the days are still longer than nights until fall, therefore the water is still accumulating heat into late summer.

Once the air has saturated to a liquid state, ascent is enhanced because in the warm, moist tropics the atmosphere is in a state of instability. In an unstable atmosphere, saturated air forced upward by convergence is less dense than surrounding unsaturated air and therefore accelerates upward, forming towering puffy clouds. The concepts of cloud formation and atmospheric instability are beyond the scope of this book, and the reader is referred to other meteorology books on the subject (Ahrens 1994; Nese and Grenci 1998; Danielson, Levin, and Abrams 1998).

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